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How do these Subconscious Mp3s really work? They work using NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming (through suggestion) using Subliminal Messages, Hypnotic Music, Positive Affirmations, Binaural Beats (which are frequencies the brain responds well to), Message Confusion (altered tempos, reversed and simultaneous suggestions).

Are these Audio Files safe? This audio files are perfectly safe. Professional athletes and performers use NLP and hypnosis very often to achieve positive results. Studies indicate that listening to powerful positive subconscious audio files such as ours. WARNING: LISTENING TO HYPNOTIC MUSIC WHILE DRIVING OR WORKING OR MINDING CHILDREN CAN BE HAZARDOUS BECAUSE IT CAN MAKE YOUR ATTENTION DRAW ELSEWHERE.

I can't download my product? Please email us your order ID and we will send you the file. Remember, the files are usually large, they range from 10MB to 60MB so please be patient when you are downloading your file.




How Do I Know Your Subliminal Messages Won't Tell Me To Do Something Bad? We can send you the script to any of our Mp3s, if needed we can provide the audio track also. We assure you all our messages are positively related to the area of improvement targeted. Also the subconscious mind takes suggestions, however, if the suggestions are against your moral, it will not likely be effected. Suggest is to break down limits or open up channels of opportunities to do things that you already WANT TO DO only


What is the Best way to Listen To Subconscious Mp3s?
1) Download the desired audio file and read the instructions
2) Burn/copy onto an ipod or a cd
3) Head phone are not necessary, a stereo is ok too. Keep volumes reasonable to low
4) For most files to notice positive changes. Listen to your full length permanent changes audio file  on loop ALL NIGHT and every night for 10-14 days. After that, changes should start to unfold. Listen to once a month there after for a year, then once every 3 months.
5) When listening don't try to notice anything, just relax and quite the mind. Do NOTHING at all.
6) Some files, like our "Subconscious Boosters" can be used sparingly and whenever needed
7) Only listen to one suggestive mp3 AT A TIME to avoid over activity and possibly conflicting messages. To gain maximum effect after 2 weeks minimum, don't introduce any other Subconscious Mp3s. Move onto the next one, once you have used it for two weeks.
8) As a general rule only listen to while in bed or sitting in privacy
10) Overall, just relax, enjoy, believe the changes will happen and don't look for any positive results, they will come on their own, don't force anything.



Improve & ShineWhat Kind of Improvements Will I Notice?
The subconscious boosters serve as a "band aid" solution or a temporary quick fix. They should yield some positive results directly related to the topic area you are targeting. For more permanent changes you need to follow one of our permanent audio programs.

For the permanent programs. You may or may not notice any changes right away. Normally, you won't and that is a good thing. The subconscious mind works in pattern and is often very process oriented. So until your mind start to rewire new processes in your mind the changes will come there after. After two weeks your mind should have been influenced and rewired positively and all positive results will just start flowing in. Don't look for the results, just live them, they will be there with you. The results are a new better you.  


Disclaimer: Our type of subconscious subliminal audio files are not considered  health hazardous  by any study we are aware of. However, results are not guaranteed for everyone. Any benefits are purely speculative. Any risks associated with our audio files are the responsibility of the end-user. Our files are for entertainment purposes only. Any psychological and/or health issues should be treated by a professional. We have no opinion on any matter related to health.

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