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How do Subconscious MP3s work?

Subconscious MP3s have 4 main audio technologies that help you improve your life. First there is a layer of music. Behind it are messages undistinguishable to the conscious ear, but not to the subconscious mind. Combine with a layer of binaural beats (a frequency level that sets the mind into different states) the messages are delivered straight to the subconscious mind where they are taken in as suggestion or positive affirmations. Finally because of the mind's ability to easily bore, we keep the suggestions coming in from all angles. Panning from left to right, in reverse in different tempos. This is done to keep the subconscious mind attuned and sharp and can easily be de-scrambled by the subconscious minds.

Hypnotic Music 

The first  layer of our mp3s is a soft, soothing, hypnotic and repetitive music track that you listen to. This music is usually a new age sound track, sounds of nature or other relaxation tunes.

Positive Affirmations

Unheard my the ear, but easily by mind is a layer of positive commands related to the actual area of life you are trying to improve. These suggestion penetrate into your inner core making lasting changes possible.

Binaural Beats

Some of mp3s contain binaural beats which are sound frequencies the effect different areas of the mind. Our binaural beats are usually set up to open up the mind to suggestion, help you relax and help you strengthen your immune function. 

Message Confusion

The mind gets easily bored. However, we keep the mind attentive and sharp. We add reverse and tempo altered messages (which the mind can decode easily). Additionally we give audio affirmations and suggestions to both ears left and right channels.

How to use Subconscious MP3s
1) Download the desired audio file and read the instructions
2) Burn/copy onto an ipod or a cd
3) Head phone are not necessary, a stereo is ok too. Keep reasonable to low volumes
4) For most files to notice positive changes. Listen to on loop all night every night for 10-14 days
5) When listening don't try to notice anything, just relax and quite the mind
6) Some files, like our "Subconscious Boosters" can be used sparingly and whenever needed
7) As stated in #3 the subconscious mp3s should be used everyday for 2 weeks, then once per month thereafter
8) Only listen to one suggestive mp3 at once to gain maximum effect after 2 weeks, move onto the next one
10) As a general rule only listen to while in bed or sitting in privacy
11) Overall, just relax, enjoy, believe the changes will happen and don't look for any positive results, they will come on their own, don't force anything


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